TBS Hot Corner

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Am trying to watch the ALDS, but with the absolutely horrible camera work, it makes it almost impossible. The camera operators act like they are 10 year olds zooming in and out and panning without regard to the play on the field. What particularly pissed me off was the home plate camera repeated zooming out to a closeup of the center fielder’s shoes. This happend at least 40 times during the game. Additionally, the camera feeds are not in sync. Using a split screen, there is a 2-3 second lapse between the views. I paid MLB for this service. They, and TBS since you’re providing the production, should provide a more professional product!

Is this the corner to get your TB shot? You know TB is going around again and I sure am glad MLB is marketing a place to go and get a shot to prevent its spread. The crawler on TV sent me here. Maybe a different URL should have entered the marketing types’ minds. Just a suggestion.

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